How soon can I take a pregnancy test?

The very first day of your missing period, you can start taking pregnancy test as there is no harm in doing that. Having regular periods, help in detecting and assuming about your pregnancy. If you are not at all sure about the next due date of your period then you can go for a home pregnancy tests just after 3 weeks of having unprotected sex. “How soon can I take a pregnancy test?” depends on the pregnancy test you use.

All of the pregnancy tests involve the amount and presence of hCG in urine. There are numerous number of pregnancy tests, even some are more sensitive than others. More sensitive tests for positive pregnancy test help in detecting low levels of hCG in the early 4 days of the due date of a missed period or just after 7 days of conception. Before answering to this basic question though seems to be a complicate one, a quick refresher is a must which includes a chronology of ovulation followed by conception and implantation along with hormone hCG and home pregnancy tests. You need to wait for about 24 hours for egg fertilization after rupturing of the dominant follicle and releasing of an egg to the fallopian tube.

Assuming that a fresh vibrant sperm waiting of a fresh egg in fallopian tube combines together and conception occurs. Over the next few days, the embryo, a new fertilized egg will travel a journey down to the Fallopian tube into the uterus and implants there itself along the uterus lining.

After 6 to 12 days of ovulation, implantation occurs and placenta begins to secrete hCG hormone (commonly known as pregnancy hormone). The secretion of hCG hormone doubles within every 48-72 hours and the home pregnancy tests, urine-based only works with the presence of hCG.

Coming back to our basic cum complicate question as well as the above research, it is assumed that most of the newly pregnant women will have sufficient amount of hCG in order to confirm about pregnancy along with a highly sensitive home pregnancy tests.

However, testing early can led to false and negative outcomes, especially in a case when ovulation is alter than a women thought, low hCG production than normal or no occurrence of the implantation.

Testing 7 days post ovulation might result in a negative pregnancy test and we recommend you all to test again in some few days in order to be sure about it. So, a simple answer to a simple question “How soon taking a pregnancy test” is 7-10 days after ovulation, it is much better than a wait of 2 weeks.

Chinese Green Tea Benefits

Chinese green tea is preferably known for the healthful benefits that it features. Its home is none other than China itself. Throughout the course of time, it has become a vital part of the nationâ€TMs tradition. The people have imbibed into their systems the routine of drinking green tea along with their meals as it is believed to stimulate proper digestion and the dissolution of the fat or olive content in the foods. Furthermore, others consider it as a refreshing drink after a long day.


These benefits are basically rooted from the concept of the traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese green tea is known to promote good appetite, quench thirst, stimulate digestion, remove body heat and phlegm, and lessen body fat and the high body cholesterol.


You may be surprised at all but the beverage that you might enjoy the most works beyond your expectations. It is not just an ordinary drink which can stop your thirst but it is likewise a good mouthwash, skin wash, and then used as a main ingredient in the traditional remedies.
A lot other researches are being unearthed by the experts in line with the uses and benefits of the Chinese green tea. There can be no harm in the intake of this type of tea unless your health does not permit you to be exposed with too much caffeine. When you are under the impression of maintaining your good health, the green tea is always worth the try.

How to Turn Kids Into Readers

Have you never read to your children? Having stories read to kids is a sure fire way of leading them to books.

Make a family event of it…we pick a book series our kids will all enjoy, get the popcorn out like its movie night and we read it together. The older ones take turns and often get right into acting it out. This way it gets everyone involved. Ghost and detective stories are always a hit with boys.

We also made up reading challenges…we have competitive kids….scavenger hunts so as the kids read they have to find clues, lines and phrases etc. Number of pages read by X date for prizes or points. All summer we do a point system. Did I mention my kids are 17, 14, & 10. They love the challenge. Tap into what motivates your kids and build in the reading as part of it.

For your younger boy try books on CD where they have to turn the pages with the reader. This worked for my boys when all he wanted to do was make car ramps with books.

Forgot to add, get them Sports Illustrated for Kids, terrific magazine and totally kids-oriented. May only be available by subscription, not sure I’ve ever seen it on a newsstand. My son loved it and eventually outgrew it, but it started the ball rolling.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Additional Information:

You must buy the books and read them yourself silently/out loud (maybe read some really “cool” passages out loud). Get books like Captain Underpants (kids love him), Harry Potter (obviously), Hardy Boys (obviously super-old, but who knows), latest series about vampire hunk in high school (Dark something, can’t remember title..).

You can’t force them, you can only set an example, try to pique their interest with something they like (even comic books was a good suggestion), and then stand back and hope and pray. Always show them your love of books, otherwise no hope.

Isometrics for Your Heart

Exercise is a health tool in any form. The heart is a muscle, and, like any other muscle, it needs to be kept strong and healthy. Isometric exercise can help you to maintain a healthy heart.

A real health concern that many people face is high cholesterol, which is a threat to the heart. Plaque buildup in the arteries due to cholesterol impairs blood flow to the heart. You may have heard of “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Isometric exercise can raise the good cholesterol, known as HDL, which in turn lowers the bad one, LDL. Blood flow is crucial to a healthy heart, so this alone is a good reason to do isometric exercise.

Isometrics can be done by almost anyone. You build muscle strength through resistance training, which increases your ability to do other forms of strength training as well as more strenuous types of isometrics. The more resistance you can safely endure, the stronger your heart will be.

Obesity is one of the leading causes of heart attacks. Unfortunately, many obese people cannot do a normal aerobics or weight training routine. This is where isometrics comes in. By starting with a good isometrics program, obese people can get on the path to fitness and better health, and reduce the risk of a heart attack.

We do isometric exercises every day without even realizing it. Resistance is used even if we are doing something as simple as pushing open a door. Isometrics is easy to learn and won’t take up much of your time and money. So give it a try- your heart will thank you.

Acne Skin Treatment – Heal Acne Scars

Acne is known as a skin condition which will hang around through your teen years and even into adulthood if the therapy used is just not the best. A lot of people are not aware that you can find multiple type of acne.

Due to the differing types of acne, a one size fits all acne skin treatment simply doesn’t work. Nobody’s skin is alike, which stands to reason why one over-the-counter or prescription remedies aren’t the best answer. Nevertheless, the medicines remain sold since hopeful patients go into the stores searching for help

And then there’s the scars.

The truly terrible point concerning acne is that it could result in scars if left untreated, and if you do not treat the scars that are developing, they will linger with you for the remainder of your existence. Numerous acne scars are not merely tiny marks over the face.

Basically, you will either need to visit a skin doctor and acquire some awfully pricey rounds of treatment, especially if you don’t have insurance. So what is involved with that therapy? Treatment in a dermatology office for acne scars within a number of cases often require a surgical procedure plus other cases, a system called skin resurfacing might be done. One can expect any method completed in the dermatologist’s office will cost you a large amount of cash and many treatments are usually excruciating.

With the stress your acne is creating for you, the very last thing you will need is an item that simply will not do the job it’s suppose to do. With Acne No More, you will surely have the sort of care certain to heal your acne without frequently needing to purchase medication.

Green Tea Health Benefits

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Green tea has always been widely available in China and Japan and for a couple of centuries, it has also dominated the Asian, European, and North American markets. It is only in these recent times that the modern researches and studies have unearthed the green tea health benefits.

Before, most people would settle with the coffee, fresh fruit, soda, and canned juices as drinks but as soon as the researches have surfaced, there is no doubt that they have clearly craved for green tea. There are numerous significant health benefits that the green tea can boast of. Among of which are the following, so read on!

It’s a good anti-oxidant. The green tea possesses anti-oxidants which aid in strengthening the circulatory system and thereby hindering the occurrence of heart ailments like heart failure, heart attack, atherosclerosis, and coronary artery diseases.

One of green tea health benefits is it controls the blood sugar. Type 1 Diabetes is prevented when drinking green tea.

It lowers the level of cholesterol in the body. Green tea is known to eliminate the development of the bad cholesterol and then heightens HDL or the good cholesterol. More importantly, it also hinders the occurrence of stroke.

It prevents the attack of cancer. It deactivates the activities of carcinogenic substances111. Cancer patients are advised to drink green tea as it lessens the impact of pain and controls the severity of the illness.
It’s good for the treatment of liver diseases. As a well known detoxifying component, green tea clears the body of all toxic elements.

It helps in the recovery of organ transplant patients. It aids in the preparation of the body in the new shifts in the system.

Green tea assists in losing weight. It makes the metabolism process faster so the burning of fats speeds up.
It prevents osteoporosis. It enhances the bones and makes them stronger.

It keeps you away from the periodontal diseases.

What can you ask for when green tea health benefits is almost the answer for all your health problems